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Electrical Potting Compound

Semi transparent Polysiloxane Electrical Potting Compound , non corrosive silicone sealant

Semi transparent Polysiloxane Electrical Potting Compound , non corrosive silicone sealant

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: HUITIAN
Certification: SGS
Model Number: 9610

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1500PCS
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: 310ml/cartridge,25 cartridges/carton
Supply Ability: 50000PCS

Product details

Detail Information

Color: Semitransparent Component Of Basic Materials: Polysiloxane
Density: 1.05 Tack Free Time (25℃,50%RH): 5 MINS
Curing Type: Dealcoholization Hardness: Shore A 30
Tensile Strength: 1.3 MPA Elongation At Break: 300%
Shear Strength: 1.8MPA Work Temperature: -60-180
High Light:

Silicone Potting Compound


potting compound for electronic components

Product Description

High Performance RTV Silicone Sealant 9610 for instead of the traditional sealing ring

● Product Features:

Ø Single component, room temperature curing, dealcoholization type.

Ø Neutral curing, becoming elastomer after curing.

Ø Alcohols released after curing, no irritant smell generated, non-corrosive to carbonate ester & copper materials.

Ø High thermal distortion and stress strain resistance.

Ø High temperature and humidity resistant.

Ø High performance on insulation, damp Proofing, vibration resistance, corona resistance, electricleakage resistance and chemical resistance.

● Main Applications:

Ø Small household appliances such as sealing electric kettle, Coffee kettle body and a heating plate, a pot cover, instead of the traditional sealing ring; the other should be sealed, fixed industrial parts assembly.

● Specifications & Packages

Ø 310ml/cartridge, 25cartridges/carton.

● How to Use

Ø Keep the object surfaces clean without rusts, dusts and oil.

Ø Dispense the sealants to object surfaces.

Ø Put the objects in the air for 24 hours in the condition of room temperature & 55%RH to reach a cure depth of 2~4mm the longer, the deeper.

Ø The outlet of unspent adhesive should be sealed in time, clean the crusts on the outlet for another use within a short time, the performance of adhesive won’t be affected.

● Storage:

Ø Keep the sealant away from children.

Ø Use it in ventilated places

Ø In case of contact with skins, wipe and then flush with clear water.

Ø In case of contact with eyes, flush with clear water immediately and go to hospital for checking.

Ø Store it in dry and shady places at the temperature of 8~28℃

Ø Storage life is 6 months from the date of manufacture.

● Technical Data:

Item Unit Typical Value Range
Item No. 9610
Color Semitransparent
Component of Basic Materials Polysiloxane
Density g/cm 3 1.05 1.00~1.08
Tack Free Time (25℃,50%RH) min 5 2~10
Curing Type Dealcoholization
Hardness Shore A 30 30±5
Tensile Strength Mpa 1.3 1.1~1.5
Elongation at break % 300 ≥300
Shear Strength Mpa 1.8 1.5~2.3
Volume Resistivity Ω*cm 1.0×10 15 ≥1.0×10 15
Dielectric Strength KV/mm 18 16~22
Work Temperature ℃ -60~180