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MS7939 Middle viscosity , midiem - high strength RTV MS sealant , automotive adhesive glue

MS7939 Middle viscosity , midiem - high strength RTV MS sealant , automotive adhesive glue

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Hubei, China
Brand Name: HUITIAN
Model Number: MS7939

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1200 Sausages
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: 600ml/ Sausage, 20units/Carton
Delivery Time: 12-16 days
Supply Ability: 500,000 sausages

Product details

Detail Information

Density: 1.45g/cc Color: White
Package: Sausage And Cartridge Tack-free Time: 15 Minutes
Shelf Life: 9-12 Months Work Temperature: -40~~+100C
High Light:

rtv silicone sealant


industrial strength adhesive glue

Product Description

7939 MS sealant is a silicon alkyl terminated polyether as a main component, low viscosity, general type of one component moisture curable sealant. Curing material combines the advantages of polyurethane and silicone adhesive sealant products, is a new generation of. The operating period is long, low modulus, without bottom coating, curing, paintable with high elasticity, resistance to ultraviolet light and excellent weather ability. Free of solvent, isocyanine free, non silicone, products tasteless environmental protection.

Typical use

Applicable to the operating period is long, there is preliminary fixed the sealing of joints, such as weld seam sealing, etc.

Characteristics before curing

Color:   white/Black/Grey

Base material:     Silane modified polyether

Density (g/cm3):    1.47g/cc(GB/T13354-1992)

Tack free time (min):    15minutes(23℃/50%RH)

Pressure flow viscosity(s/10g):  15(0.5MPa, 23℃,3mm)

Characteristics after curing

Room temperature vulcanized depth (mm/24h) 3.0

Tensile strength(MPa)



elongation at break (%)





Work temperature(℃) -40~100
Short use temperature(℃) 120

Instructions for use

Clean :Clean the surface: remove the rust, dust and oil etc...

Gluing: The nozzle sleeve cut, take the glue mouth, cut into appropriate slope, using squeeze can glue gun is coated onto the construction site; pneumatic pressure recommended that no more than 0.4MPa sizing.

Curing : The parts are arranged in the air sizing, when after the formation of epidermis, from the surface to the interior of a room temperature curing, and 55% relative humidity at 24 hours, the curing depth of 2 ~ 4mm. With the extension of time, the curing depth increases gradually. The 7 day curing depth 6mm.

Storage: Unused plastic blocks should be tightened immediately, to seal the tube mouth save. Again, if sealed, a little crust, remove immediately after, does not affect the normal use. In the process of storage, the nozzle may also appear a few crusts, remove after normal use, does not affect the product performance.

The matters needing attention

Keep away from children.

If you accidentally come in contact with the skin, wipe in the curing a cloth before class, and using alcohol solvent scrubbing.

If the case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water, and medical treatment.

Recommended for use in a well ventilated place

Product safety data please refer to the product MSDS.


White: 310ml/Tube, 10tube/box, 30tube/carton

White: 600ml/ Sausage,20tube/carton

Black: 310ml/Tube, 10tube/box, 30tube/carton

Black: 600ml/ Sausage,20tube/carton

Grey: 310ml/Tube, 10tube/box, 30tube/carton

Grey: 600ml/ Sausage,20tube/carton


Store in cool and dry place 8-28 C

310ml/tube 12months

600ml/ Sausage   9months