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Automotive Adhesive

HT 8962 Automotive Adhesive PU Sealant For Car Windshield Glass SI262

HT 8962 Automotive Adhesive PU Sealant For Car Windshield Glass SI262

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Hubei, China
Brand Name: HUITIAN
Model Number: HT8962

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1500pcs
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: 310ml/cartridge, 24cartridges/ carton 600ml/sausage, 20sausages/carton 240kg/drum, 2drums/pallet
Delivery Time: 8-12 days
Supply Ability: 500,000 pcs

Product details

Detail Information

Item No.: 8962 Component: One Component
Density: 1.2g/cc Application: Car Windshield Glass Block
Other Names: Fast Cure Adhesive Color: White/Black/Gray
Keywords: Windshield Adhesive
High Light:

Automotive Adhesive PU Sealant


Car Windshield Glass PU Sealant


PU Automotive Windshield Adhesive

Product Description

HT 8962 High-performance PU Sealant for car windshield glass, SI262

Product Description:

8962 High-performance PU Sealant is one-component, moisture curing sealant. Fast curing, low odor polyurethane adhesive. After cured is rubber elastomer, has the good properties, such as hot & cold resistance, resistance to stress changes. Apply to manual dispenser and easy to operate.

Typical Usage:

Suitable for car windshield glass block before and after, bus and all kinds of vehicles, ships, flexible bonding and sealing.

Technical Data:

Properties before Curing
Typical Value Range
Appearance Black Paste
Chemical Composition Polyurethane
Density (g/cm3) (GB/T13354-1992) 1.20 1.15~1.25
Tack Free Time (Min) (23℃/50%RH) 40 20~60
The best operating temperature (℃) 10~35
Properties after Curing
Tensile Strength (MPa) (GB/T528-1998) 7 ≥5.0
The curing speed (mm / 24 h)
(23 + 2) ℃ and (50 + 5) %
4 3~5

Elongation at Break



500 ≥450
Tear strength (KN/m)
(GB/T 529)
25 ≥20
Hardness (shore A) (GB/T531-1999) 55 50~65
Shear strength/MPa
(GB/T 7124)
4.0 ≥3.0
Working temperature -40~90


1. Clean the thread surface, eliminate greasy dirt, water and dry it.

2. Open a suitable cutting hole on the cartridge, the inner diameter of the hole should be depending on the sizing width, into the glue gun.

3. Need to cooperate with specified into HT8906 Primer Coating or 8902 Activator, glass treatment agent is used.

4. Environment temperature and humidity has a great influence on product curing time. Low temperature will caused slow curing, high temperature and humidity with fast curing. Best operating environment condition is: temperature 20 ~ 30 ℃ and humidity 50 ~ 70% RH.

5. If the glue not use up, please tight blocks and sealed nozzle immediately. If there is a little crust in the mouth of tube, remove it, it will not affect the normal use.


This product must be stored far away from children.

If you carelessly touch eyes and skin, please wash it with water immediately.

Packing specification:

310ml/cartridge, 24cartridges/ carton

600ml/sausage, 20sausages/carton

240kg/drum, 2drums/pallet


Stored in 8~28℃ cool and dry place.

Shelf life:

Cartridge package is 9 months;

Sausage package is 6 months.

Drum package is 6 months