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Flexible Packaging Adhesives

728A / B VM Two Component Polyurethane Based Adhesive , Laminate Adhesive

728A / B VM Two Component Polyurethane Based Adhesive , Laminate Adhesive

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Weeton
Certification: FDA 175.105
Model Number: (8)728A/B

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 200KG
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: A: 25KG/bucket B:4.2KG/bucket
Delivery Time: 15 days after deposit
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/P, D/A, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 2,000,000Kg/Month

Product details

Detail Information

Application: Flexible Packaging Mixing Rate: 5:1 (mass Ratio)
Solvent: Ethyl Acetate(EA) Color: Colorless To Yellowish
Material: Polyurethane
High Light:

polyurethane based adhesive


flexible polyurethane adhesive

Product Description

728A / B VM Two Component Polyurethane Based Adhesive , Laminate Adhesive
Introduction of 728A/B
Weeton TM 728 is a two-component PU adhesive for various film/film and film/metalized film laminates. This product has good flexibility and good transparency and can effectively reduce the phenomenon of aluminum transfer.

  • Properties
Product Name 728 A 728 B
Ingredient -OH -NCO
Mixing Ratio 5 : 1(mass ratio)
Solid Content 75±2% 75±2%
Viscosity 2000±500mPa.s 2000±1000mPa.s
Solvent Ethyl Acetate Ethyl Acetate
Flash Point -4°C -4°C
Color Yellowish Colorless to Yellowish
  • Directions for Use
  • Dilution: Suitable solvent is ethyl acetate, acetone and MEK provided that water content does not exceed 300 ppm. Do not use aromatic or alcoholic solvent.
  • Preparation of Adhesive Mixture: After having added the right quantity of solvent to 728A and having achieved the required solid content, stir 728B into the 728A/solvent mixture.
  • List of dilution:
728 A 728B Solvent Solid Content Viscosity
20KG 4KG 16.0KG 45% 14-15s
20KG 4KG 21.0KG 40% 13-14s
20KG 4KG 26.0KG 36% 12-13s
20KG 4KG 36.0KG 30% 10-12s

* Viscosity is based on the average viscosity of the Zahn Cup 3# (25°C)

  • Pot life: The ready-for-use adhesive in sealed containers has a working time of about 8 hours. The adhesive should be used up within 4 hours in the laminator. Otherwise, the adhesive should be abandoned, or it may result in unstable laminated film.

Tropical area (Temperature >28°C + humidity >60%) pot life: Ready-for-use adhesive should be used up within 2 hours.

  • Coating : 728 is suitable for dry lamination with smooth roller or gravure roller. Before mass production, repeated trials should be carried out to determine fitting roller.
  • Coating weight: Depending on the film or foil combination and the end use of the laminates, the adhesive weight may range from 2.5-4.0g/m 2 (dry). For printed laminates the weight should be adjusted accordingly, it should be approx.0.5-2g higher than for unprinted films.
  • Drying: The laminator should have good air volume, wind speed, wind pressure and the appropriate temperature to reduce solvent residue. Temperature setting generally follows gradient principle (55°C-65°C, 65°C-75°C, 70°C-85°C). Adjust the temperature of the oven according to the performance of the laminated products, raw materials, process parameters.
  • Pressure adjustment : Appropriate increase in laminating temperature and pressure can improve the bond strength and appearance of the laminates.
  • Curing: Stored in curing chamber (40-50°C), the laminates will be ready for slitting in 24h. The curing time should be extended if the laminates are used for bagging.
  • Film properties: The completely cured 728 is transparent, odorless, elastic and aging-resistant.
  • Product Certification

728 complies with FDA175.105

  • Storage

728 has a shelf life of 9 months when stored at a cool and dry place in unopened containers. Once opened, containers of 728 should be sealed tightly again and the product should be consumed within a short period.

  • Packaging Specifications


  • Notes

When using 728 an efficient exhaust hood should be installed to the coating unit due to safety reasons. The exhaust efficiency must be checked prior to production by gas analysis for air isocyanate concentration. Safety regulations with regard to handling of isocyanates have to be followed as per the guidelines issued by the International Isocyanates Institute. Please also refer to the local safety instructions as well as our safety data sheet and contact Huitian for analytical support.
As the adhesive contains polyisocyanates any contact with skin has to be removed.

  • Others

Film additives-particularly the types and content of slip agent in LDPE,MDPE and CPP films, film thickness, packed goods, printing inks, pre-treatment and film coating are of significant importance to the end use of the laminates and may affect the performance properties either directly or indirectly. Therefore, practical laminating tests as well as checks on the laminates are necessary before going into full scale production.

  • Statement

The information provided herein, especially recommendations for the usage and the application of our products, is based upon our knowledge and experience. Due to different materials used as well as to varying working conditions beyond our control we strictly recommend carrying out intensive trials to test the suitability of our products with regard to the required processes and applications. We do not accept any liability with regard to the above information or with regard to any verbal recommendation, except for cases where we are liable of gross negligence or false intention.

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