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Silicone Potting Compound

5296 Two part silicone adhesive for power supplies , connectors , sensors , industrial controls

5296 Two part silicone adhesive for power supplies , connectors , sensors , industrial controls

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Huitian
Certification: UL,SGS
Model Number: 5296

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 500KG
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: 25KG/BUCKET
Supply Ability: 200 TON 1 MONTH

Product details

Detail Information

Material: SIlicone Color: Grey
Density: 1.90-1.95 Viscosity: 2800-5500
Mix Ratio: 1:1 Work Temperature: -50~230
High Light:

electrical potting compound


silicone potting compound for electronics

Product Description

5296 silicone for General potting applications: power supplies, connectors, sensors, industrial controls

5296 two-part silicone compound

·5290 is a two part additional silicone compound. It has a long used time at room temperature and if heated it cures more quickly. It has excellent thermal stability, especially high temperature-stability. When it has completely cured , the rubber elasticity can maintain at a long temperature field (-50 ~ 230 ℃ ) ,and its insulating quality is also very excellent too. It has very low thermal expansion, good water resistant
and ageing resistant. It has low viscosity and high thermal conductivity, and is compatible with most electrical insulating materials.

·General potting applications: power supplies,connectors, sensors, industrial controls, transformers, amplifiers, high voltage resistor packs, relays

·Before mixing, part A and part B should be stirred adequately in container.
·Supplied as two-part liquid component kits comprised of Part A/Part B to be mixed in a 1:1 ratio by weight or volume; automated mixing and dispensing; manual mixing.
·After mixing,it can be heated to accelerate the cure rating.

It can not cure if contact with three substance therein after:
·N, S, P organic compound
·Sn,Pb,Hg,As ionic compound.
·Alkyne and ethylene compound.


·PACKAGING: 5296 A6:25kg
5296 B6:25kg
·SHELF-LIFE:12 months
As Supplied(25℃,65%RH)
Part 5296 A 5296 B
Color Gray White
Viscosity(mPa·s) 3500-5500
SpecificGravity(g/cm3) 1.90-1.95
MixedGravity(g/cm3) 1.62
Properties after mixing(25℃,65%RH)
Mixing Ratio(by weight) A:B = 1:1
Color Gray
Mixture viscosity(mPa·s) 5500
Curing time(25℃,min) 3-5H
Curing time(80℃,min) 30
Durometer Hardness(Shore A) 30-40
Thermal Conductivity(W/m·K) 0.9-1.1
Volume resistivity(Ω·cm) ≥1.0×1014
Dielectric strength(kV/mm) ≥18
Dielectric constant at 1.2MHz 2.8

·PACKAGING: 5296 A6:25kg
5296 B6:25kg
·SHELF-LIFE:12 months