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Industrial Adhesive Glue

1830 High performance structural acrylic glues and adhesives for composite material

1830 High performance structural acrylic glues and adhesives for composite material

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: huitian
Certification: ISO/TB3237
Model Number: 1830

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 10 set
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: 380ml/double tube ,12 double tube/Box
Delivery Time: 7~14 days
Supply Ability: 8000sets per month

Product details

Detail Information

Component A: White Component B: Grey
Mix Ratio By Weight (A:B): 10:1 Handing Curing Time: 4-6
Initial Curing Time: 0.5h Full Curing Time: 24
Work Temperature: -55~149℃
High Light:

industrial epoxy adhesive


industrial strength adhesive glue

Product Description

1830 high performance structural adhesive acrylic adhesive for composite material

Technical Data

1830 high performance structural adhesive acrylic adhesive is a two-component, grey, without primer metal bonding, high strength, high toughness, and fast curing methyl acrylate adhesive. For bonding thermoplastic plastic, metal and composite self-adhesive and sticking to each other. High viscosity, high thixotropy, not vertical flow, mixing ratio of 10:1, the operation time is 4-6 minutes, up to 75% intensity time 15-18 minutes. Especially suitable for bonding metal materials, without surface treatment can reach the highest strength, good toughness, good shock resistance, fatigue resistance.

Typical Applications

Traffic vehicle, ship structural adhesive, elevator industry, cabinet and so on sheet metal industry, manufacturing industry structure adhesive label. Strengthen the tendons and sheet metal structure adhesive. The body structure is especially suitable for bonding electrophoretic coating.

Bonding material: ABS, glass steel, polyester (DCPD modified) polystyrene, polyethylene esters, PVC, polyurethane, coating, organic glass, steel, aluminum, stainless steel.

Cure exothermic curve

23℃,The mixed adhesive 10g

Medium resistance

Resistance PH 3-10 acid, hydrocarbons, salt solution. Not resistant to polar solvent, acid and alkali.

Item Unit Typical Value
Color Component A White
Component B Grey
C omponent of Basic Materials acrylic acid
Density Component A g/cm 3 1.01
Component B 1.13
Viscosity Component A mPa*s 120000
Component B 180000
After Mixed
Mix Ratio by weight (A:B) 10:1
Handing Curing Time Min 4-6
Initial Curing Time Hour 0.5
Full Curing Time Hour 24
Tensile Strength After Curing Mpa 22-26
Shear Strength Mpa 16-19
Elongation % 30-60
modulus in tension Mpa 483-689
Work Temperature ℃ -55~149

How to use:

Surface treatment: Remove dust, water, oil from surface;

Mixing Adhesive:

Through a fixed mixing ratio of the mixing nozzle mix, with manual, pneumatic or equipment gluing


This product at 18 ℃ -27 ℃ environment construction to achieve the most ideal curing effect, below 18 ℃ curing slower, more than 27 ℃ curing faster. Effects of A and B components of the viscosity is affected by temperature, in order to ensure the measurement / consistent, effect of mixing equipment, the two components in the storage temperature to maintain a constant.

Gluing work must finish in operation time. Operation before the end of time, glue and positioning of the work piece to accurately completed, then keep the work piece in a fixed state until the end to remove positioning time.


Before curing is easier to clean, wipe the lotion, overflow adhesive residue available containing citric acid, terpene resin or NMP degreasing agent scrub in order to achieve the best results. If the layer has been cured, carefully will layer off, and wipe the lotion good cleaning effect.

Matters need attention

1.This product is flammable, away from heat and flame, spark store or use.

2.Not including the adhesive materials: PP, PE, POM, PTFE, copper, brass

3.All stainless steel, aluminum, mixing equipment be Teflon or PE material. Filler, pump shall not use copper or copper alloy. The sealing ring must use Teflon, Teflon coated PVC, PE/PP, VITON, NBR, chloroprene rubber or other elastic body shall not be.

4.This product is curing very fast, generates a lot of heat when mass mixing, and may be accompanied by release of gas, steam and other volatiles. Therefore, should be in every time limited quantity in mixed operation time can run out, and the adhesive thickness is controlled within 12mm


380ml/double tube 12 double tube/Box

198KGs/Set 55GAL+5Gal

178kg/bucket 2bucket/Carton

20kg/bucket 1bucket/Carton


1. Store it in dry and shady places at the temperature of 12-24℃ is best

2. A component Ø Storage life: 12 months,,B component 9months

3. Could not frozen storage


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